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Character Bios

Production Info

Kay Wilson Stallings

Senior Vice President, Creative Development, Sesame Workshop

As Sesame Workshop’s Senior Vice President, Creative Development, Stallings oversees global creative development and pilot production of all original Sesame content for multiple platforms. She also explores new production models and partnerships to develop new programs, processes and talent for the creative group.

In 2017, Stallings created and directed the first annual Sesame Street Writers’ Room, an intensive eight-week competitive fellowship dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and increasing diverse voices in children’s media. Held at Sesame Workshop’s New York City office, the fellowship offers seven to ten emerging writers from underrepresented racial backgrounds the chance to hone original scripts while meeting with industry writers, producers, agents, and executives; one to two winning fellows per year have a chance at creative development deals from Sesame Workshop.

Prior to joining Sesame Workshop, Stallings was Senior Vice President of Production and Development at Nickelodeon. In her 16 years with the company, she oversaw development of all original series production for Nickelodeon Preschool and Nick Jr., Nickelodeon’s digital channel, including pre-buys, acquisitions, and the global shorts programs. Stallings developed more than 20 series while at Nickelodeon including Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Fresh Beat Band, Shimmer and Shine, and Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Stallings holds a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor’s degree from Mac Murray College.


Dustin Ferrer

Co-Creator & Co-Executive Producer, Esme & Roy

Ferrer is a two-time Emmy Award-winning writer for Peg + Cat; she has also been nominated three times for her work on Wonder Pets and 3rd and Bird! Ferrer worked as a story editor at Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine and has written for many preschool programs including Muppet BabiesTeam UmizoomiBubbleguppiesMiles from TomorrowlandDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Wallykazam.


Amy Steinberg

Co-Creator & Co-Executive Producer, Esme & Roy

Steinberg got her start at Nickelodeon, where she was a producer on Blue’s Clues and Team Umizoomi. In addition to Esme & Roy, Steinberg co-created Chickiepoo and Fluff: Barnyard Detectives (Nickelodeon) and Words with Puffballs (Sesame Studios). She has also worked as a producer of preschool content at Scholastic and Sockeye Media.

Talent Bios

Millie Davis


Davis is a Canadian actress who is best known for her roles as “Ms. O” in the PBS Kids series Odd Squad, “Summer” in the film Wonder, and “Gemma Hendrix” in the series Orphan Black.

Patrick McKenna


McKenna began his acting career with Toronto’s famous Second City Theatre Company.  He then took to the road as a stand-up comedian, headlining at universities and clubs throughout North America, including opening for both Dionne Warwick and Smokey Robinson.

McKenna appeared on television in the Red Green Show for fifteen seasons as the loveable, nerdy, techno-geek, Harold, while simultaneously performing in five seasons of the acclaimed dramatic series, Traders. For this work, McKenna earned two Gemini awards for “Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Comedic Series” and “Best Performance by an Actor in a Dramatic Series” in the same year.

Currently, McKenna co-stars in two hospital series: Hard Rock Medical for TVO and APTN, and Global Television’s newest drama, Remedy. With any remaining free time, McKenna continues to guest-star in dramatic and comedic series from Murdoch Mysteries to The Mercer Report, and has recently entered the world of cartoons, lending his voice to no less than five regular animated series.

Next, you can see McKenna star in the soon-to-be-released feature films, A Masked Saint and Margarita.

Meet the Characters

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Esme Character Bio

“We’ve got a monster to watch!” Esme has never met a monster she didn’t like - big, small, furry, slimy... She is an amazing monster-sitter and has a knack for coming up with the perfect activity to fix a little monster’s problem. She’s not afraid to try new things, and while she sometimes gets carried away, she doesn’t give up until she succeeds! Esme loves to play, especially if the games are active and silly. She’s kind and nurturing, and monsters (especially her best friend Roy) are her favorite thing in the world.

Roy Character Bio

Roy is Esme’s best friend and monster-sitting partner. He is an expert on ALL monster facts. Roy may be big and strong, but he’s also very emotional and sometimes needs Esme’s help to calm down. That’s what makes them such a great pair! Esme can get carried away but Roy keeps her focused, and when Roy starts to feel panic Esme is there to encourage him. Roy’s favorite things are his best pal Esme, dressing up and playing pretend, dancing, and meatballs.

Tillie Character Bio

Three-year-old Tillie is super active with a serious need for speed! She is very physical and likes her games to be rough and tumble. Tillie is a Plink monster, which means she’s very fast and excitable! It also means when she gets dirty, she becomes very stinky. When Tillie has a monster meltdown, she spins round and round like a whirling dervish.

Simon Character Bio

Simon is an eight-year-old Swoozle monster. He has six arms and a bouncy, super-stretchy body. Simon loves regimen, routine, and order. He can appear standoffish at first, but once he’s comfortable he warms right up. He loves art and is a very talented sculptor. When Simon has a monster meltdown, his glasses fill up with water and he cries giant tears, or he stubbornly crosses all six arms and squats down.

Snugs Character Bio

Three-year-old Snugs loves to hug, cuddle, and snuggle. He can be shy in new situations and sometimes lets his fear get the best of him. Snugs is a Muzzywump monster. He’s round and squeezable and gives big, clingy hugs, but puffs up to an enormous size when he’s scared. When Snugs has a monster meltdown, he puffs up or cries huge arcs of tears... or sometimes both!

Hugo Character Bio

Hugo is a four-year-old Ooga monster. He has wings and a horned nose, and he wants to be the center of attention. He loves to be the star of the show and can make a spotlight appear by clapping! Hugo loves to use his imagination and play pretend, and he’s also a talented musician. When Hugo has a monster meltdown, he flies wildly around the room, tooting his horn nose!

Fig Character Bio

Fig is Hugo’s baby sister and the youngest monster on the block. She’s small in stature, but incredibly strong and can lift Roy clear off the ground! Like her brother, Fig is an Ooga monster with a horn nose, and she’s very bouncy. When Fig has a monster meltdown, she bounces all around the room and toots her horn nose.

Dumpling Character Bio

Dumpling is Roy’s monster pet! A monster-y version of a guinea pig, she’s small and fluffy and can roll herself into a ball. Dumpling doesn’t speak any words, but has no problem expressing herself with her monster-y squeaks. She often joins Esme and Roy on their monster-sitting adventures!

Producer & Distributor Information

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street, the pioneering television show that has been reaching and teaching children since 1969. Today, Sesame Workshop is an innovative force for change, with a mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. We’re present in more than 150 countries, serving vulnerable children through a wide range of media, formal education, and philanthropically-funded social impact programs, each grounded in rigorous research and tailored to the needs and cultures of the communities we serve. For more information, please visit

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