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For decades, Sesame has brought joy and learning to the lives of children across Europe. Our first production outside the U.S., Germany’s Sesamstrasse, was the template for adapting our approach to different needs and cultures around the world. The program is loved by generations of families, many of whom think of the show as an original German creation. In areas of the continent marked by cultural conflict, our programs bring lessons in mutual understanding to help sow the seeds of peace.

Netherlands — Sesamstraat

The Dutch version of Sesame Street is one of the longest-running kids’ shows in the Netherlands, reaching millions of children daily. The program has taught generations of preschoolers about letters and numbers while helping them form important social and emotional skills. Segments address issues of local and global importance like cultural stereotyping, bullying, peaceful problem solving, and expressing emotion in healthy ways.

Germany — Sesamstrasse

Millions of children have grown up with Sesamstrasse, which first aired in Germany in 1973. Created for 3- to 5-year-olds, the show encourages creative play, asking questions, and using active imaginations. The characters tackle issues like sharing and taking turns, protecting the environment, and mutual respect and understanding—especially relevant for the diverse population of modern Germany.

Northern Ireland, Kosovo — Mutual Understanding

In areas marked by conflict, Sesame Street helps promote respect and understanding among children of all backgrounds. Past examples include our Sesame Tree co-production in Northern Ireland, where two Muppet role models—Hilda the Irish Hare and Potto, a furry purple monster—overcame their cultural differences to become friends and live together peacefully in their tree. Likewise, our programs in Kosovo became a powerful tool for healing rifts between the Kosovo-Albanian and Kosovo-Serb peoples as they moved toward reconciliation.

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