Elmo and Lola play dress up

Plaza Sésamo

An Early Extension of Sesame Street  

One of Sesame Street’s first international coproductions, Plaza Sésamo broadcasts throughout Latin America, reaching 25 million children in 34 countries. First launched in Mexico in 1972, the show stresses literacy, arithmetic, and social emotional development. Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster, along with Plaza Sésamo friends Lola and Abelardo, are beloved in the region and have helped prepare generations of Latin American children to succeed in school.

Little Adventurers and STEM Power

Lola, a furry, pink, adventure-loving 4-year-old, is a natural leader, always encouraging her friends to try new things. She and her pal Abby Cadabby model that courageous spirit in a segment called Pequeñas Aventureras, which inspires both girls and boys across Mexico and Latin America to engage in STEM learning, encouraging their sense of belonging in the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Beyond Television

Today Plaza Sésamo goes beyond broadcast into multimedia and digital platforms, with outreach and social impact programs that address children’s evolving needs. From financial empowerment to healthy habits, digital literacy to children’s rights, Plaza Sésamo helps children across Latin America face everyday challenges and become smarter, stronger, and kinder as they do.

Two women and two young children smile with Rosita outdoors.

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