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Sub-Saharan Africa

From our office in South Africa, we’re preparing little learners across the continent for a future full of opportunity. Co-productions Takalani Sesame (South Africa) and Sesame Teret Teret (Ethiopia) are key to our early education efforts in the region, alongside social impact initiatives surrounding health and hygiene, teacher training, and learning through play. With its endearing characters, songs, and stories, Takalani engages children with a spectrum of fun-filled lessons—from literacy, math, and life skills to HIV awareness through our lovable HIV+ character, Kami.

Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Niger, Mali — Health and Hygiene

A partnership between Sesame Workshop and World Vision, WASH UP! reaches children across Africa with easy-to-share lessons about safe water, sanitation, and hygiene habits, led by furry Sesame friends who model handwashing and healthy latrine use as part of their everyday routine. In rural Zimbabwe, “WASH UP! Girl Talk” is bringing young girls vital menstrual hygiene information to help improve school outcomes as they grow.

South Africa — Learning Through Play

With support from the LEGO Foundation, Sesame Workshop is harnessing the power of play to help children build skills and resilience that can make them happier and more successful in life. Through research and pilot programs in South Africa, we’re showing how play-based interventions can address children’s developmental needs as a key element of humanitarian relief efforts.

Ghana — Teacher Training

In a country where teachers aren’t always well-prepared to teach, Sesame is showing educators how to nurture children’s academic, social, and emotional development through interactive learning. Hosted by the colorful Muppets of Sesame Street, our video training modules impart valuable teaching techniques and classroom management strategies.

Ethiopia— Filling a Need for Education

The second most populous country in Africa, Ethiopia is home to more than 100 million people, but access to quality early education is severely limited. Our first program there, Sesame Teret Teret, debuted in 2018 in the Amharic language, in which “teret teret” is an expression used to let people know that a story is about to be told. Now, the characters of Sesame Teret Teret bring original stories, early learning, and lessons around respect and understanding to children and families across the country.

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