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Since our flagship program debuted in 1969, Sesame Street has become an iconic touchpoint, bringing learning and laughter to generations of children, with irresistible stories and songs and a lovable cast of characters. 50 years on, the show reaches far beyond TV to support the ever-changing academic, emotional, and social needs of children and families in communities coast to coast.

50th Anniversary

Sesame Street has been sweeping the clouds away for a remarkable five decades. In honor of our landmark anniversary in 2019, we’re rolling out a yearlong celebration featuring exciting new Sesame Street segments, a national research study, a cross-country road trip like no other, a star-studded social media campaign, and a host of character-filled product collaborations.

Family and Community Support

In communities around the U.S., Sesame is showing up in a direct way to help children and families get through tough situations—such as homelessness and exposure to violence—and build the skills they need to thrive. Through partnerships with local caregivers and colorful bilingual resources, we’re showing families how to care for each other, keep lines of communication open, and stay resilient in the face of traumatic experiences.

Autism Awareness

Our “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children” initiative gives families living with autism new tools to manage everyday challenges while promoting acceptance and understanding. Four-year-old Julia, the first Muppet of Sesame Street with autism, plays alongside her friends in her own unique way while helping to destigmatize a common diagnosis and creates a more understanding and inclusive world.

Military Families

Beginning in 2006, we developed the Sesame Street for Military Families initiative to help families navigate the unique challenges of military life: deployments and homecomings, grief and loss, military-to-civilian transitions, staying healthy as a family, and more. Since its inception, the initiative has grown to include bilingual videos, storybooks and activities, a free Sesame Street/USO family tour, television specials, and “Sesame Rooms” in military spaces, with new topics and outreach programs added regularly.

School Readiness

This innovative early education partnership with PNC kicked off in 2004 to prepare children under five for success in school and life. The program features multi-media toolkits for use in homes and preschools. Packed with activities featuring favorite Sesame friends like Elmo and Grover, these resources build the intellectual, emotional, and physical skills kids needs to be ready to succeed in school on Day One.

Esme & Roy

In the United States and Canada, Sesame’s newest animated series celebrates the awesome power of play through the adventures of a plucky girl monster-sitter and her furry monster friend. Each episode weaves essential lessons into creative playtime: be it self-calming strategies, tuning into others’ feelings, or dreaming up games to get things done.

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